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Radio Slave. Chart Octubre 2012

  1. Duve Bahadir (Quiet Village Remix)

    Pyramids Of Mars

  2. Nina Kraviz Ghetto kraviz (Steve Rachmad Remix0


  3. Woody feat. Foremost Poets Surrounded (Sascha Dive Remix)


  4. The Machine Root people (Joe Claussel Remix)

    Pyramids Of Mars

  5. Rouge Mecanique Stingray

    Pyramids Of Mars

  6. N.G The bomb is mine

    Cabin Fever

  7. Ivel Trax The black market


  8. Auji Conclusion came to you (Aniara Remix)

    Aniara Recordings

  9. Ion Ludwig Sos tribute

    UGold 1

  10. Mr G Soulfood EP

    Phoenix G