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Jimpster. Chart Octubre 2011

  1. Mathias Meyer & Patlac A side

    Love Unlimited Vibes

  2. Kornél Kovács Down since '92

    Studio Barnhus

  3. Gerd Palm leaves (Mr Fingers remix)

    Royal Oak

  4. Terrence Parker Love's got me high (Jimpster remix)

    Systematic Recordings

  5. Henry L & Ingo Sänger Revelation


  6. Alexkid She's got to leave (Radio Slave break for love mix)

    Freerange Records

  7. Mano Le Tough In my arms


  8. Pirupa feat. Bajka Trust (youANDme remix)


  9. Manuel Tur About to fall

    Mild Pitch

  10. Klic Disco music

    Home Taping Is Killing Music