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Hector Couto. Chart Septiembre 2013

  1. Isaac Silva & Adrian Rodd Black sand (Artslaves)

    Moan Recordings

  2. S.A.S Straight off the bone

    Foot & Mouth

  3. Hector Couto Muffin danse


  4. Sidney Charles That ain't right


  5. Dale Howard Phase 4

    Morris / Audio

  6. David Garfit & Kezla Down

    Deep Department

  7. Darius Syrossian Days without you


  8. Hector Couto & Roberto Palmero Waxes and romances

    NM2 (Noir Music 2)

  9. Le Vinyl & Javi Bora Traffic beats

    Robsoul Recordings

  10. Alci Rope a dope

    Robsoul Recordings