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DJ Yellow. Chart Enero 2012

  1. Lana Del Rey Born to die (Hackman Remix)


  2. Mind Fair Kerry's scene (Sound Signature Translation by Theo Parrish)

    International Feel

  3. Made To Move Shamen (Cera Alba Remix)

    Electronique Digital

  4. Jeff Mills Now is the time

    Axis Records

  5. DJ Yellow & Yota Someone (Youandewan Remix)

    The Exquisite Pain Recordings

  6. Kaesar & Zoy Man with a name

    Composite Records

  7. Parallel Dance Ensemble Shopping Cart (Spectacles Spectacular)

    Permanent Vacation

  8. Pol_On Sorrow

    Pets Recordings

  9. Thugfucker & Sasse The tunnel

    The Esquisite Pain

  10. Essa'y Morning Mountain