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Chris Carrier. Chart Noviembre 2013

  1. Audio Werner Rocket

    Finest Hour Records

  2. Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie Session 2

    Lazare Hoche Records

  3. Alci Rumps shaker

    Robsoul Recordings

  4. Delroy Edwards Untitled

    L.A. Club Resource

  5. So Inagawa Logo queen


  6. Djebali This ultimate dare (Christian Burkhardt)


  7. Monsieur Georget Jour de fete

    Hold Youth

  8. David Gtronic Distant memories

    Sponik Muzique

  9. Funk E State of gravity

    The Double R

  10. Dani Casarano Jam (Tofu Productions)

    Melisma Records