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Boris Werner. Chart Diciembre 2013

  1. Herbert Take me back


  2. Arthur Russel Another thought

    Arc Light Editions

  3. Marcellis Lik op stuk

    Blackflag Records

  4. Aquarian Foundation Binary raindrops

    Mood Hut

  5. Murphy Jax The emperors dance

    Chi Wax

  6. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Ghetto indigo

    Oslo Records

  7. Alex Picone Surrealist

    Mus Records

  8. L.B. Dub Corp Nearly africa dub

    Ostgut Ton

  9. Pink Floyd On the run (Gay Marvin Edit)

    Bath House Etiquette

  10. Two Of A Kind Pump the house

    West Madison Street Records