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2000 and One. Chart Mayo 2012

  1. Emmanuel Midinight moroders


  2. Technasia Heard of flesh

    Cadenza Records

  3. Rainer Weichhold No sleep till kling klong

    Kling Klong

  4. Shinedoe Excessive (Gregor Tresher Remix)

    Intacto Records

  5. Mihai Popoviciu Innit

    Area Remote

  6. Tomy DeClerque RAW

    Intec Digital

  7. Florian Meindl What is techno

    Flash Recordings

  8. Gary Beck Ars Poetica

    Bek Audio

  9. Sterac aka Steve Rachmad Astronotes

    100% Pure

  10. Michael Forzza Open door

    Moving Vibrations